Outfitted with a vintage backline, road worn stratocaster and suitcase kick drum, Johnny Bootleg breathes a whole new life into contemporary Rock music.  Raised on the classics like Hendrix and Zeppelin, then influenced by the world of popular music, the band has created their own blues drenched stamp for each of the songs in their arsenal.  
Formed in 2017, and road tested covering music weekly at local venues, the band has a uniquely adaptive nature.  Performing solo, Johnny Bootleg combines live looping and hip-hop drum beats to create a truly memorable experience.  As a duo or trio, Johnny is joined by Kristoff Maier (drums/harmonies) and Keith Heuston (bass/harmonies) to create a sound suitable for everything from clubs to festivals.  Their 2017 release ‘Blood Moon Blues’ put them on the map as a contemporary artist and earned them audiences across Western Canada along with an opening slot for 54-40 in 2019.  

"Johnny Bootleg is carrying the torch for the next generation of guitar players "

                                                             - Corey Price 

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