Outfitted with a string of foot percussion, a road worn stratocaster and a contemporary drum machine, Johnny Bootleg brings a whole new meaning to the phrase one-man-band.  His distinct, soulful take on everything from rock to reggae over the last six decades has put him in front of crowds across the country. Whether he’s crooning John Mayer at a wedding or bringing clubs to life with Bruno Mars, Johnny leaves it all out on the stage with his raw, energetic live performances.


Raised on the classics like Hendrix and Zeppelin, then influenced by the world of contemporary music, Johnny has created his own blues drenched stamp for each of the 150+ songs in his arsenal.  Having such a deep library of readily available material gives Johnny the unique ability to read a room and choose a song to fit any mood. With the recent addition of live looping and hip-hop drum beats, Johnny has created a truly memorable experience for every audience he performs to.  


Growing up in the suburbs of Vancouver BC, Johnny first picked up a guitar at age 10.  He taught himself to play and before long he was performing to stadiums, opening for artists like Biff Naked and Finger Eleven with the group, “Goodbye Beatdown”.  After winning the prestigious ‘FOX Seeds’ in 2009, Johnny left the band to start his own project called “Ocean Full of Fins”. Over the course of 5 years, the band toured internationally and released three studio albums.


Johnny’s venture into being a one-man-band began in 2015 after receiving an offer to perform a solo 5 hour set.  He jumped into it head first, with a suitcase kick drum and tambourine foot pedal. The opportunity sparked a passion for creating unique performances, utilizing each limb and a library of songs from every genre. Johnny’s captivating solo performances have established him as one of the premier event musicians in Canada.

" Saw you at Kingfisher's, one of the best performers for restaurant and wineries I've ever seen. I'd definitely make my choice on where to go based on where this guy is playing   "

                                                             - Riley Lyons